a few more.

our place of rest.

Our bedroom, is my favorite room in our house. I haven't hung photos yet in the room, but other than that, it is the most completed room in our house.  It is a haven, and I feel overwhelmed with grace and mercy every time I am in it because Tristan and I didn't pay a penny for ANYTHING in it!  We were so blessed with so many gift cards and money from our wedding, that our whole room is one huge gift! Thank you so much to all of you who made this bedroom possible.  And thank you to those who are being patient with me as I slowly get all my thank you notes done.  I think I have let myself enjoy being a wife and having a home a little too much that I have neglected writing my notes in a timely manner!  But I am almost finished.




why "warm, unending summers"?  this may sound lame but well our last name is summers and warm and summer go hand and hand and well warmth and the summers(us) does too because we love warm weather.  we also figure that our summers will always be warm and this upcoming summer is no exception but is only the start of the warm unending summers of the summers family(which tristan and i officially are)!

p.s. i hope to be uploading pictures of our house and telling significant stories about God's faithfulness in our lives  thus far as a married couple to get everyone up to date  before i start posting india updates and prayer requests. so please keep coming back for more!  

home again...

well, tristan is back from san francisco and so is my laptop. hopefully this means new posts will be appearing frequently...so here is a short one just to start things off.