and the journey continues...

             here are a few more photographs

our team(minus Lauren, Mark, C,L, and J) out for a meal at CP...CP is           where all the bombings recently(2 weeks ago) took pace in Dehli.  The       Father really protected us because we were at CP ALL the time.

The streets of of Dehli

Walking together in a Market

     Sometimes the drainage systems aren't the best

Tristan at the Taj......I was back in the bathroom in Dehli with the big D!!
Fun Times!!!!


my computer is back...

which means more updates and posts again.  we are working on getting all the photos back on, so those(the photos) may come slowly. we are so thankful for how God provided ways for my computer to come back to life, it is my networking hub that i love to use to help re-connect the body of Christ. 
 here is the beginning of our journey to India.  

About to board at DFW.
Finally there after 36 hours of travel
Our precious welcome team!
  Chad, Leslie, and Joeli. We praise God that connected us with this family.

more moments to come, so please come along for the journey......