My preferred method of transportation

So I would be happy if I used a bike like this (I would ride everywhere perfectly dressed as she is too) to get me down the road to the local produce market, the park, or the nearest cozy coffee shop(that of course would serve a perfect cup of hot chai).  

Dream with me will you?

Check out my favorite fashion blog and his glorious photos of fellow city cyclists.


To end my crazy day of India posting...

I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! For those of you who don't know.  Tristan and I are going back to India. And this time we are leading the LT team ourselves!  What a humbling privilege. I am anxious to go back. Anxious to see the people, hear the sounds, see the colors, eat the food, and even smell the smells! 

M...the reason why we went to India!

If you haven't heard M's story ....you need to! I can't really tell it on here but I so wish I could.  It is an amazing story of God's power and how "Jesus is genius."  Here is Cort at M's.  M's mom is helping her put on the Sari the M sewed for her. Cort, you are gorgeous..just the way you are!

What's that?  Oh...now you have to put on M's mom's Sari Cort!!!

Oh wait...now we all have to put their Sari's on...oh no..and let them put pink make-up all over our face!  WOW.  These were people of Peace and this was a precious night!
M, Tris, and M's uncle.  M's uncle didn't like us too much, but M did as you can tell by his smile.  He loved us,  and he loves and follows Someone now.  If for nothing else I can't wait to go back to India just to see M...and his family!

LT 2008-4th of July

I LOVED our team that God knit together and EVERY SINGLE person that was on it! Our team was in India for 4th of July.  Our team spent the night at a friends enjoying each other and eating fabulous food.  The picture below is of everyone ooogling over Joeli right before she eats her FIRST EVER bites of food(yummy rice cereal).  I love this baby girl with all my heart and I know that she will be a women like the prophet Joel who she was named after. 
This is Lauren making a crazy face.  You gotta love this girl!  She is half French, speaks French, loves French culture, is an Elementary school teacher, is a crazy rock climber, has gorgeous curly locks, never accepts the status quo, has a brilliant mind and  genuinely loves people and Jesus. Tristan and I LOVE Lauren!
Chris and Yohanna came to India from Germany.  They are two of the most genuine people I have ever met.

Kathy, there are no words to describe her.  No matter who you are you will LOVE her! We did!

This is me and Court showing off our Mendi(Henna tats).  Courtney, she is my sister, and a soul mate forever. I will always love this woman, and will be inspired by her forever. I need to call her, I miss her!

Family and Friends


Beautiful women and children in a special school being started in the slums.  This is true beauty!

Father God, you have shed your tears for Mother India....

Here are a few more pictures to end my postings on India.  This First picture is of Lauren, Tristan and I at an HC we attended and led while in Mumbai(Bombay).  This was a night of genuine worship, sincere  fellowship, delicious food, and enjoyment of hilarious personalities! What great joy.  Lauren, Tris and I were often in groups to lead HC's...I think the three of us made a great team.  We would trade off jobs with each other and work on developing our different gifts.  One of us would bring the word, one or two of us would share a testimony, and then one of us would keep the flow of things or lead worship.  It was challenging to plan a whole evening quickly, and we never knew when we might be leading an HC so we always had to be prepared wherever we went.

This second picture is interesting because it says first class, and if you would have ridden in first class and never seen that sign you would have never known you were in First Class.  The trains in Mumbai are crazy full in the other classes, people are all kids of squished together. Funny thing is we thought First class was crowded as we stood squished by people in every direction, with no room to move.   But, when we saw the other classes they were some how even worse.  People were basically on top of each other.  Indian's know how to utilize space, an they don't have personal space bubbles......I love them!  There seems to be an unending supply of things to learn from our Eastern friends!
                                         Tristan and I with Hailey and Gail....The HPU peeps!

                                                       Cool carved tree we found.....
I will never forget the women here and their breathtaking faith....


I am a bad blogger

So after we spent 10 days in Dehli we trained to the North east of India and then drove about an hour in a car from the 60's up winding, steep, mountains driving through the clouds and stopping a long the way for people who were having bowel issues!  But it was so worth it when we reached our destination up in the foot hills of the Himalayas! After being in Delhi, one of the most populous cities in the world, it was bliss to be in the mountains!! Here are a few pics of what we saw.

We worked amongst a UPG that does lots of farming in the mountains.  In the pic above you can kind of see the farming terrain. It's beautiful.


Like I said...we were in the clouds....amazing!

There were monkeys like these everywhere

  More to come on what we did there....