what i learned from em

I have this friend ..who is very organized and because she is ...she is able to (in my opinion) use the amazing gifts God gave her to the Max!

I have been so inspired by her and all that she does since I met her! She is gifted in many of the same ways I feel I am, except she has the gift of "getting it done"...jealous?  Yeah...but I have been asking God to change me. To remove the selfishness and laziness that hinders me from being a good steward of my gifts ...and heck...even having more joy by planning and making time to do the things I love!

I have felt God's spirit showing me that I needed to re-evaluate myself, my gifts, my life. To TAKE TIME. To PLAN. To ask myself, "what am I doing? Who am I living for" I often just fly by the seat of my pants. Go with the flow. Let life just fly by. Without intention.

Well Emily, my friend...just happened to post several posts on her blog about how she plans, organizes and structures the different areas of her life. Eureka!  Thank you Lord. Help in the very area I needed it..that came from the exact person I wanted to learn from! Thankful?  Yes!

Tristan and I were very encouraged by her posts and we plan on sitting down and taking stock, planning and organizing when his accounting busy season is over at the begening of march. We have dubbed this our "new year" time.

But before then I am praying Levi takes some naps that last longer than thirty minutes so I can get started on this all...NOW! Maybe the house might even be clean and I could sip some hot tea while I do it?

OK...that's probably asking for to much....but it sure sounds nice! :)

So, what you have all been waiting for..the links to Emily's posts!! Please go visit her for awhile and leave her some comment love! Follow her even eh?






Still Alive

Just wanted to let you know...inn case you were wondering...I am still alive! And we are no longer two but THREE!!  :) 

I have this weird mental block towards blogging until my house is clean...I guess I view my blogging time as a treat? Anyway....this past week was all about me and Levi and Tristan settling in...and honestly I didn't get much done other than a little laundry and caring for my 6 week old son.

WHAT...I have a SON...and he is SIX weeks old all ready...crazy!  

So after being gone for 2 weeks over the holidays our stuff exploded when we got home and Tristan and I are still trying to clean up and re-orgainize the damage!!

But soon folks..I will return and catch up!  There is SOOOOOOOOOO much to tell. 

Until then, here is a little teaser: