Christmas 2010 Part 3

Pictures from a wonderful evening with Angelo and Spiro at their fantastic Greek restaurant.  They know everyone that comes in because they come and sit down with you and visit. We loved our evening with them.

Christmas 2010 part 2

Paul and Heidi, Christmas morning.

Curly morning hair on Christmas day and eating in PJ's...perfect!

The amazing traditional German meal Heidi made for us: Yeager schnitzel..sooo good!

Paul and Heidi's super cute place!

Goofing around and sooo in love..what's new? :)

Yes, the little towns in Germany are really this cute!

Christmas 2010 Part 1

I have been reminiscing through photos as I upload new ones and I realized I never got to do a post on our trip to Germany to visit Paul and Heidi(Tristan's sister and brother in law) last Christmas. Tristan and I have been talking about that trip a lot  in the past few days and we just can't get over the amount of wonderful memories that we made with Paul and Heidi last year.  We had them all to ourselves for 2 weeks and let me tell you we had such a good time I don't think Tristan or I have words to express what a blessing it was to be with them and have so many adventures together.  It was SOOOO much fun!  

Now the four of us are embarking on a new adventure..parenting boys!!  Heidi is about 25 weeks pregnant with their first boy just like us. So though those 2 weeks were some of the best times Tristan and I have ever had...I am convinced the best is before all of us!!! :)

The pictures above are from our little jaunt to Prague
the 4 us made.  We LOVED Prague!! The place we stayed was awesome, Ferdenand's our favorite little place to eat  was awesome, and the beauty and history of the city was just as fantastic! Oh, and I can't forget to mention that the prices in Prague really surprised me. It was cheaper for Tristan and I to go out for a full fancy meal in Prague than it is here in Austin. This really was a shock to me because when I went to Italy and France with my family in 2005 it was CRAZY expensive to eat out. Prague seems like a great place to do Europe on the cheap..if you can just get there!


Babymoon: Hanging Lake

Today I am doing a little backtracking, just to make sure our memories are documented somewhere.
Tristan and I got away to Colorado the 16th-26th of August for our babymoon.  We love to travel, we love Colorado, and we have a free place to stay in Vail so we couldn't resist heading up there. I don't remember how many weeks pregnant I was at that time and I'm too lazy to try to figure it out right now...but I wasn't uncomfortable at all on the drive there and back and I was able to enjoy all my fave activities..hiking, jogging..etc! It was wonderful to get away (especially since Tristan started his job with PWC on the 29th of August) and we hope we never stop doing it. Although, I could go anywhere..or nowhere with that man and be perfectly happy. Everyday with Tristan is my perfect adventure! We didn't take many pictures..as usual...but here is what we do have...pictures from hiking Hanging Lake.


Hair Cut?

Normally my hair grows really slow, but since I have been pregnant the growth really has sped up. I am super thankful since February of 2010 I cut it quite a bit above my shoulders....and though it was cute and fun for a bit I quickly tired of it and longed for my long locks again.  EVERY TIME I cut my hair that ALWAYS happens.  You would think I would have learned a long time ago that I am most happy with my hair when it is long!  Sure sometimes I see short cuts and want to try new things but since that February the urge comes and goes rather quickly. I know better now.  I am a long hair girl.  And even though short may seem easier to some to take care of...it's not for me..at all.

Since February I have been growing my hair out and just trim it occasionally in the shower, but I think it's time for a little professional help. I'd like it to grow out in style!!  Since I am about to become a momma and shortly after hit 30 I thought it would be fun to go somewhere special to get my hair done. So for my birthday Tristan is sending me to a place here in Austin called Lucy Skyrocket . I found the place online through the salon finder on naturallycurly.com

I decided if I was going to get my hair done professionally I wanted to do it right!  I wanted to go to someone who had been trained and was REALLY experienced with curly hair.  Emily at Lucy Skyrocket had really great reviews, a good resume, and was the least expensive..which doesn't really mean much..it's still going to be outrageous to go there..BUT....I want a really good cut...and to do something special... so... I'm taking the plunge and splurging! She does dry cuts on curly hair which is what I was looking for.  One time years ago I went to a salon on South Congress called Pink and got my hair trimmed up a bit and the girl did it dry and it was the best cut ever..even though she didn't cut much off at all.

Needless to say I am really excited to get a little more shape to my hair so I have been pouring over photos and ideas of what I want.  I'm planning on not loosing any overall length....only about a 1/4inch to get off the dead ends...add some long layers...and get some bangs (maybe...it depends on what Emily says and if she thinks it will work for me and my face shape etc.). 

So here are some pictures of my ideas.....what do you think???? Will this look work for me?  Be honest! :)

That's just a little sample of what I was able to post to the blog...for the origins of these pics and LOTS more (including most of my fave styles) go check out my Pinterest Hair Board where I keep all the lovely hairstyles cataloged so I can easily show Emily when I go to my appointment!!!