Still Alive

Just wanted to let you know...inn case you were wondering...I am still alive! And we are no longer two but THREE!!  :) 

I have this weird mental block towards blogging until my house is clean...I guess I view my blogging time as a treat? Anyway....this past week was all about me and Levi and Tristan settling in...and honestly I didn't get much done other than a little laundry and caring for my 6 week old son.

WHAT...I have a SON...and he is SIX weeks old all ready...crazy!  

So after being gone for 2 weeks over the holidays our stuff exploded when we got home and Tristan and I are still trying to clean up and re-orgainize the damage!!

But soon folks..I will return and catch up!  There is SOOOOOOOOOO much to tell. 

Until then, here is a little teaser:

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kaye herbert said...

im excited to hang out with you AND levi on tuesday! he is so crazy cute! i love how he's trying to hold himself up during tummy time! what a strong boy!