Oh the little things.

Yesterday Tristan received Junior class favorite at the non-academic awards. I am so proud, but humbled at the same time because these kind of things just keep happening to us EVERY day and it's quite surprising! We just giggle sometimes because we really haven't done anything to deserve all these little blessings.  We really see God working to really connect us with people on campus as things keep falling into place.  With Tristan receiving the Sumners Scholarship he will have a lighter load giving him more time to focus on the things he is studying instead of spreading himself so thin with 22 classroom hours a semester. Tristan becoming Student Body President is also another way that we see God forming great connections for us.  As SBP Tris will be working closely with Dr. Marsh the head of student life and Tristan and I are REALLY looking forward to this because we love Dr. Marsh and think we can learn a lot from him.  So many blessings! It is so humbling.  We serve a mighty God!
Tomorrow starts Tristan's first final....AGHH!!!  Please... Please.... Please.... be praying for him over this next week.  He really desires to finish strong and would love make all A's again(we are hoping to keep his GPA up high so he can apply for scholarships and such for grad school).  I am confidant he will do excellent but he is not as hopeful as I!  
As the semester draws to a close are excitement about India is growing!  We will be on a plane in less than 40 days traveling farther than either of us have ever been. We can't wait.  As of right now we have raised 1,540...We praise you Lord for your grace in this!  Chad called today and said 2,000 more has come in...but I am not adding it to the report until they send us the official amount and who the donors were by e-mail.  Neither of us have raised support before and it has been such a humbling and joyful experience thus far! 
April 29th made 4 months of marriage for us.  What a joy it has been! On  the 29th little Elliot was 3 moths old too.  He has been such a joy to take care of.  Babysitting is VERY good for us, especially me. Yesterday, we used one of the many awesome carriers that Isaac and Siobhan(Elliot's parents) have and we walked to church with Elliot on my back.  We loved every moment of it.  He was looking all around at EVERYTHING and talking up a storm!
Here are a few pics of the little one....

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