sick computer and sick husband.

my computer has been broken for a few weeks and is "away" getting fixed, so I haven't had any way to post lately. adub is letting me borrow his computer today so i will try to give a generous update. 
from here on out there might be some posts to the blog that seem vague.  this is for security purposes.  please be careful during this time while we are away to be careful what you say when you reply to the blog and what you say when you e-mail us while we are away.

tristan started feeling sick yesterday and got worse as the day progressed.  today he feels worse and just went to go take a nap. please lift him up. we are leaving in 2 days and he has a lot of work to do in those two days.

for those of you who hadn't heard, we have received all our support money.  it was amazing to see how He provided for us. He provided so quickly.  within two weeks we had all we needed!  we are still amazed and humbled by His provision through the generosity of His children.  THANK YOU.
in other news, tristan and i went to lytle and corpus the past week. it was so refreshing to be with family(that includes katie and avery). it made us realize how much we miss all of you. we are so thankful for the fellowship he has given us with family.  the main reason we traveled was for mike and alana's wedding.  it was a wonderful celebration and such a joy to see them finally joined together. we are so excited about what He has in store for their family. 

the most exciting thing i have to post today is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!
today is my dad's birthday, so be sure to wish him a happy birthday. i am so thankful for you daddy, and the healthy and vibrant life He has given my you. daddy, you are such a blessing, joy and inspiration to our lives and we love you so much!!!!

be sure to take note of my beautiful cousin julia in the pictures.  she was such a joy to be around and we were sad to leave her.

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