Nov 2008-June 2009

This is the last 7 months in pictures.  Although, the pictures are in opposite order(June 2009-Now 2008).  I have to catch everything up now that I have iphoto back on my mac, and I want to do it before we leave so I can blog about our trip and not feel bad about the 7 months I neglected.  I should have about one or two more posts of updates before we leave.  
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When we visited Rand and Chaira in June all 6 of us went to the Museum of natural Science and History and we even watched an Imax film....the girls were GREAT during the whole thing!

My mom in a really hot dress that I wanted her to get for the wedding but it was too expensive. Momma, maybe it has gone on sale since then?

Tristan, Dr. Hall, and Mr. Summers at the Academy Graduation

Tristan, myself, John Wortham(who we are staying with in Seattle...woohoo), John Ryan and my beautiful sister Bethany.

John Ryan graduated in May from HPU with Summa Cum Laude Honors.  I am so proud of him and AMAZED at all the Lord has done in his life.

He's super smart, but also crazy.....and so is his college roomate Josh

Love that smile. : )

We visited Rand and Chiara for the 1st time in March I believe...it was wonderful to meet Sari for the first time...she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

We needed extra space in our kitchen, those industrial shelves make me feel like the real deal!
I made this shirt as a surprise for Tristan  and wore it to work on Valentines day to work.
We got to celebrate our 1 year anniversary(and Tristan's birthday and the new year) in Vail...it was wonderful.  This is our cake top that my mom sneakily saved for us...it was a great surprise and she wrapped it so meticulously that it tasted fresh...no joke!

My parents were so sweet and kept a tradition that my mom's parents started with them(my p's always celebrated anniversary's in Vail and my Pom Pom and Grandma always paid for them to go out to dinner) and they paid for us to go out to dinner at a VERY nice restaurant!  It was fantastic.
On the slopes....our favorite place to be!

Christmas in Lytle
Me messing around on the piano in Lytle
JR got a new MacBook...if you can't tell it was(is) a big deal!

Best Friends
Me with straight hair after B cut me some bangs.
Thanksgiving in Floresville with the Summers...how I love that family!

Tristan's first piece of Pumpkin Pie of the year!

Three of my favorite men at Sarah and Jimmy's wedding!  We love Chris Taylor!

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The Beavers said...

So you are back from the blogging dead??!! Yay! Looking forward to more updates! You look gorgeous in every single one of those pictures...you are so photogenic!