Videos from Day One

These arae some videos from day one. For those of you who I have receive these blog posts in your e-mails be sure to visit the blog to watch the videos if they don't come through in the e-mail.

This first video is of us finally getting out of town. We were excited!!!

Momma, Daddy and John Ryan...this video is for you. Can you guess where we are by our song? We REALLY were sad that you guys weren't with us. Yes, we are making new memoires on our own but it sure doesn't replace the old ones. And we have A LOT of old memories driving these roads with you guys.

This video is of us crossing into Colorado.....I thought I would burst with joy! I LOVE COLORADO! I didn't even care that it was night time and I couldn't see the mountains....I was just happy to be there. There is just something in the air there I tell ya...it's magical!
The only sad part was that I realized it was the first time I had been to Colorado without my parents...after 27 years of traveling to Colorado almost EVERY year it's pretty crazy that I had never been there without them. But, don't worry we are learning how to have fun without our families...but it sure is hard.......so on day two I will share the new memories Tristan and I made together as our own little family unit. Bethany, don't read into that! : )

P.S. Today is Bethany and John Ryan's San Angelo Shower....and Tristan and I are not there.....we are mourning! But, then I just think about the fact that we get to have Bethany forever and I am not AS sad that I am missing this memory. Did ya'll know I ADORE Bethany? Well....now you do! I love you B!


Smith Haus said...

I'm so happy for you!! I love the first video...Tris that song makes me think of Holly :) So wonderful to see you guys are having so much fun and you deserve it!

Beth said...

I love you too, Misa!!!! Ya'll are having such a great time!! So, what's this about your "own family unit?"...;)