Day Two-Northwest Roadtrip 2009

So day two and  the morning of day three was spent in Canon City Colorado at Tristan's oldest sister's.  Heather is an amazing hostess.  We woke up and she had  an Amazing breakfast fixed for us out on the back porch(see video below for a description of the meal).  It was delicious and sitting outside was amazing.....I can never get enough of the Colorado air.  We spent the day in Florence, Co going to little shops and such and then Tristan and I set out for a hike.  It took us forever to get to the base of the trail and once we were there it started to rain with lots of thunder and lightning which is amazing to watch when you are surrounded by mountains.  So we headed back to Heather's(check out her blog at http://heathershoresincolorado.blogspot.com/)and got cleaned up and headed into Colorado Springs with Heather.  She took us to an English Pub that the insides of it were very old and were imported from England.  It was beautiful.  There were people from all sorts of places and lots of families.  They passed out song books and a piano man led us in music.  The whole pub was singing it was so much fun. Without us knowing Heather went and told someone that worked at the pub that Tristan was GREAT at playing and singing the piano man.....so the actual Pub piano man(who even dressed like a real pub piano dude) came up to our table and asked Tristan to play...after a lot of coaxing Tristan agreed.  He did an amazing job and the whole pub was singing along and VERY impressed with Tristan's talent.  If only Stacy Baliey wold have been there with her harmonica it would have been just perfect!  We had a very peaceful time in Colorado...but our visit there was just to short!  We love you Heather, thanks for the perfect hospitality! We love you!  

The two things below are videos...if you can't watch them in your e-mail go to the actual blog(tristanandmelissa.blogspot.com).

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