Momma, this is for you!

I keep telling my mom about all my garage sale finds and my little crafty creations, and she has been asking for pictures of the changes that have made around my house since August.......so here they are momma.  I hope you enjoy it.  But, just promise me you will come see it for yourself very soon! ok? : )

First off we re-arranged the bedroom a bit:

This is our new bedspread.  I bought it from Goodwill for 6.00.....It's old and looks like I bought it from Anthropologie!

This is the buffet that we found in that front yard weeks after I had wanted and seen it at an  Estate Sale.  It was 15.00 and Tristan put some extra money, time, and beautiful craftsmanship to make it look like it does today....I LOVE IT!!!!
These are pics of Fall decor in the Dining Room.  It's been up for about 3 weeks but won't be up much  longer though because though I love fall....I LOVE Christmas even more!!!

The Buffet again!

The next pictures are the ones momma that I know you have really been wanting to see: 
The Living Room.  Which we actually live in now...with each other and with friends.  It's been perfect to have the extra seating because we have had 15 people filling the room every week for lifegroup.  That white couch it the one Tristan surprised me with that he bought for $20.00.  He's amazing isn't he?
The white chair from Pom Pom has an old suitcase filled with my growing collections of things for little ones.
Finally got photos on the wall.

Thanks for those NEST letters momma....I love them!  Oh...the bench on the right is the crushed Gold Velvet one that I was telling you about that I got at a garage sale for $20.00 in Abilene while Tristan was taking his GMAT.

This is the canvas painting Tristan and I made together.
The used Ikea sofa we found on Craigslist.   Oh and the lampshades on the two lamps are the ones I had showed you that I wanted....I found them on Clearance......so thankful I waited.  God cares about every detail huh?

This is MY special chair for reading(all sorts of things....including Let's Make a Memory ) and crocheting...I love it.  It was to me the final piece to make the room sing.  I had passed up, or missed purchasing several chairs...but kept praying for the right one.  To some this may not be the prettiest chair you have ever seen...but like the other items God brought our way it was an answer to prayer.  It rocks(perfect for rocking babies some day), and swivels...is super comfy and was only 5 dollars.  And, the old man we bought it from was a kindred spirit. I think of him often when I sit in it!  Oh....the stool in front of it came from an estate sale for $1.00.   
We are so blessed and so thankful for all these finds.  Our God is good, sweet....thoughtful!  We have seen that over and over again in our marriage....which by the way...as of tomorrow will be 2yrs old in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Like I said.....He is good!!!!


Smith Haus said...

Melissa, this is too much! I'm almost speechless. I love every single picture. I especially spent time looking at the pictures you hung up on the wall. I like your collages. And the velvet bench! And the bedspread! God is good, and you are such an example of this to me. Thank you. You make my heart happy :)

Smith Haus said...

oh! and the chair! and the kid corner!

leah said...

Melissa, your home is so lovely, warm, and cozy! What an inspiration :) It's so encouraging to hear the story behind everything... and that God really provided for you all the things that your heart desires in a home. :) thank for sharing!

The Beavers said...

Melissa, this was SO much fun to read! I love seeing how your house has come together in so many unique and special ways! You are a great homemaker!

Beth said...

I love everything about your home!! You have inspired me to be patient and wait for God to help Jr and I pull our's all together!! I miss you and your place!!!

Tristan & Melissa Summers said...

Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments! They re-affirm that the Lord is blessing my efforts! Love you all!

Caroline Joy said...

WOW! Okay you're house is officially the best looking house ever! I'm so impressed by all your thrifting finds! Seriously, amazing!