Our 1st Home with Rachel Russo Photography

Several months ago when I found out that Rachel was going to do a photo shoot of us in our home I promised myself that as soon as I got the photos back from her I would blog them and get back into blogging. I received the photos in the mail Monday, and today got to sit down and look through all of them. I picked out SEVERAL favorites to share here on the blog.

I am now trying to decide which to print and hang in our new apartment, so I thought I would get all of you involved! Cast your vote in the comments section for which 3 are your favorite and help me make some decisions!

Thanks again to Rachel Russo for sharing her splendid talents with us and capturing so many great memories for us in our first home.

Thank you Lord for talented friends, and for the way you loved us through giving us such an amazing first home. We are grateful.


Kate B said...

I am glad you are getting back into blogging. I will need to hear your thoughts when you are far away...not thinking about that yet.

All favorites! Print them all!

Carrie said...


Melissa, those are SO fun! =D I love them! I kept scrolling through thinking, "That one. No that one. NOOooo THAT one...."

Which means I'm of very little help but I AM duly impressed.

And I hope your back to blogging because it's a fun way to keep up with you.

Elaine said...

Welcome back friend! I love all the pictures! I especially like the ones in the front yard on the quilt...and the ones in the kitchen. Rachel captured you two so well! What a blessing to have your memories in such a creative way! So Fly!(whatever that means) I learned that phrase from JR!

leah said...

My three favorites are:
1) the one of him kissing you on the couch (color)
2) the first lying-down-on-the-quilt-in-the-front-yard (where you're looking at each other, apparently about to kiss)
3) of the three "profile-facing-each-other-in-the-sunbeam" pics, I like the middle one

Really, though, they are all stunning, and that Rachel chick is very talented! You guys are a very photogenic couple too. I wish we had taken pics of our first home like you did... so many happy memories, great idea!

The Beavers said...

Welcome back to blogworld:)
The pictures are ALL wonderful! It was such a good idea to do them in your first house. You and Tristan are incredibly photogenic! I'm no help with picking either...I loved them all! Hoping you will post pictures of your new home in Austin!

chris and kaye said...

your love shines through these pictures and makes me all warm and happy inside! haha! happy for y'alls happiness!!

Don said...

Great pictures and great to see you guys so happy. God is so good.