Today I checked my RSS feeds for the first time in a few days and when I went to check Tara Whitney's Blog and catch up on all the posts I missed, this is what I came across! 
Happy Day! I won a contest!  I will be receiving a beautiful necklace made by Lisa Leonard!


What is so funny is that I only entered one time.... and as most of you know I entered SEVERAL times when Rach and Caroline had their giveaways!  So, you never know! 

I will post a pic of me wearing the necklace when I receive it!



Tara said...

sweetness!! she has awesome necklaces! i always try contests and i will keep trying! hehe :)

Anonymous said...

hey melissa! i love your beautiful blog! saw your question about the caribous... i found them for about $80 at cabela's online for a bit, but they're out now. they're in really high demand around here and i had a hard time finding them in stores. i usually wear a size 9 hiking boot and i ended up with women's 9 caribous, too, though most people told me i would need a size smaller. that's with a liner sock and a heavy expedition-weight sock. hope that helps! i'll let you know how they perform this weekend!

hope all else is going wonderfully for you and tristan. please say hi for me!


Lauren said...

melissa, i just found the sorels for about $60 at Coastal's... not sure if you can find them online, but you should give it a shot!