Quiz Yourself and Green Smoothies

I found this quiz on the internet today. It's a nutrition quiz from Green Smoothie Girl. Mosey on over there and check it out. Things like that are always good reality checks.

So my dear friend Christine mentioned something to me about Green Smoothies today and it made me want to share my favorite Green Smoothie video with you guys.  Basically, a green smoothie is fruit and greens(spinach, etc) mixed up in a blender.  You can add, chia seeds, almond milk(or any other milk you like), flax oil, bran, wheat germ, hemp protein, ice...you get the picture. The sky is the limit! 

I like to do tons of spinach,  an orange(or sometimes OJ concentrate), almond or soy milk, hemp protein, flax oil, ice,  maybe pineapple, and a  frozen banana.  

The video below is what got me started on Green Smoothies months ago.  This video also gave me a good laugh...you will know why when you watch it.

I know adding spinach to a fruit smoothie may sound disgusting but actually you can't taste the spinach at all. Apparently the spinach just take on the flavors of the other ingredients.  Just try it once.  You'll be surprised!


Carrie said...

I didn't realize spinach would take on the flavor of the other things. So you just may have convinced me! =)

We did pick up some fresh spinach at Farmer's Market the other week because neither of us had ever had it FRESH. (Bagged, yes, but not fresh.) We were absolutely amazed at how much better it tastes straight from the farm! Loved it and could see ourselves making it a part of our regular diet...if we were able to find it easily. (In the meantime, we know we can find it during the summer up here at FM.)

cora said...

I have this baby food maker that supposedly makes purees, but i don't think it really does. I tried a spinach, carrot and fruit drink and it was terrible, there were chunks of spinach and carrots :( other than the fancy smancy and expensive vitamix are there any other mixers you highly recommend? I really want to get into making my own baby food and make some amazing smoothies too! Thanks!