That didn't hurt!

So here is another part of the story of our Journey in India.  I did something customary in Indian culture for every woman: I got my nose pierced! Here Courtney, Myself and Kathy are in a beauty parlor about to embark on the adventure together.  I think we were all excited, but also very nervous.  Kathy went first, and she said it was painful so I was really nervous.....but then I went and it didn't hurt a bit for me....so I think Cort was not sure what to expect!!! Everybody is different when it comes to these things. Ladies, I am so happy to have shared this memory with you!  These two pictures are of us waiting with anticipation and the video is the actual event.  It's quite entertaining!  


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Will & Abby's Life said...

Just curious, what is the cultural significance of the nose ring? What does it symbolize?