Just two

I just have these two more pics from our first 10 days in Dehli.  Then hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post on Mousorri! I have a few more videos but Tristan has to show me how to compress them before they are postable!  What would I ever do without that man?  That is a thought I rather not have!
In this picture I am holding up a piece of paper 
that Lauren used to tell some AMAZINGLY well 
prepared Bible stories.  She is a elementary 
school teacher and was GREAT at teaching kids.
We were at an orphanage in this picture.  One thing 
I remember about this place was how much food they fed us. 
  They gave us some amazing stew, dal, and rice and then shortly after lunch they gave us Samosas(which are delicious, but really rich 
and huge) and Chai. All so yummy, but would have been a lot more enjoyable on an empty tummy and on a day that wasn't 110 degrees!

This is a picture we took of ourselves while riding 
a pedal rickshaw. Notice hoe HUGE my noes ring is.  
This was before I was able to get a small one. 
 Although, compared to most of the nose rings 
the women wear mine was small. WOW!  

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