Warm friends and coffee...

Here are some more pictures from India. These are all still in Dehli during the first 10 days of the trip.  These pictures are full of warm memories for us that we will never forget!

Me drinking somthing really yummy that Cort recomended.
This picture(and the next) was supose to got at the bottom of this post...but it went up here instead and I couldn't figure out how to move it.  
      Cort and I goofing off with coffee in our veins

M, a few of her girls and I at M's home for girls....I LOVED this place and these girls

Tristan on campus at Dehli University with Awar and some students there

Tristan and a student at Dehli University....Tristan was the first American he had ever seen in person

The Tali Plate...our favorite dish at Nirula's(Indian Fast Food Place)

Tristan, Cort and I had some free time and we found a coffee    shop to relax in.....we had a wonderful time here getting to know Courtney

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