I am a bad blogger

So after we spent 10 days in Dehli we trained to the North east of India and then drove about an hour in a car from the 60's up winding, steep, mountains driving through the clouds and stopping a long the way for people who were having bowel issues!  But it was so worth it when we reached our destination up in the foot hills of the Himalayas! After being in Delhi, one of the most populous cities in the world, it was bliss to be in the mountains!! Here are a few pics of what we saw.

We worked amongst a UPG that does lots of farming in the mountains.  In the pic above you can kind of see the farming terrain. It's beautiful.


Like I said...we were in the clouds....amazing!

There were monkeys like these everywhere

  More to come on what we did there....

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Beth said...

You're not a bad blogger...you just take your time!! I'm keeping up with you so keep writing!