M...the reason why we went to India!

If you haven't heard M's story ....you need to! I can't really tell it on here but I so wish I could.  It is an amazing story of God's power and how "Jesus is genius."  Here is Cort at M's.  M's mom is helping her put on the Sari the M sewed for her. Cort, you are gorgeous..just the way you are!

What's that?  Oh...now you have to put on M's mom's Sari Cort!!!

Oh wait...now we all have to put their Sari's on...oh no..and let them put pink make-up all over our face!  WOW.  These were people of Peace and this was a precious night!
M, Tris, and M's uncle.  M's uncle didn't like us too much, but M did as you can tell by his smile.  He loved us,  and he loves and follows Someone now.  If for nothing else I can't wait to go back to India just to see M...and his family!

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