First Trimester in Pictures

Barley pregnant snowshoeing in Minturn...maybe a day or so old embryo!

It's no wonder we got pregnant in Vail!

Capital 10K -6 weeks pregnant

Sno-cone love!

Raw Vegan Tuna-It was so good, but didn't sit so well with my 1st tri self!

What is that??... gas?

Sticking it out....trying to look pregnant! Not sure how many weeks I am.
Also, take note of the length of my hair.
It has been growing so much faster since I have been pregnant.

And that's all folks. Not very many pictures from the first trimester! Tomorrow I will be sharing a 2nd trimester recap...which means...I am no longer in the 2nd trimester....right now...which means I am in the last trimester!!!!!

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Judy Summers said...

Melissa, I love these pics and the recap of the first trimester! Can't wait to hear the second trimester recap!!!