2nd Trimester Re-Cap

-The first trimester started at about May 28th(or June 4th ish) and ended at about September 10thish.

-Nausea started subsiding.

-I could brush my teeth without vomiting.

-Only threw up once the whole second trimester!

-Started to get energy and began sleeping better at night.

-Made a list of 6 midwives to interview. Interviewed 3 and they were all awesome so we decided not to interview anymore. Quickly decided on the first midwife we interviewed-Julia Bower. n the Tristan and I instantly connected with her in the interview and just new she was "the one." Be sure to click on her name and visit her website! More info to come in other posts about what we love about having a midwife!

-went to an awesome cloth diapering class at Baby Earth for free taught by our friend and cloth diaper expert Sarah Brown. Came away knowing exactly what we wanted to use, and had every tip we needed to be successful!! She made the whole cloth diapering world seem so much less overwhelming.

-Worked summer school.

-Spent most Sunday evenings with friends going to the Symphony in the Park series.

-Tristan started training for and participated in his first sprint Triathlon!!!

-Started exercising more. Mostly just running and swimming.

-My grandma Betty passed away unexpectedly on June 29th.

-Slipped and fell right on my butt while watching fireworks on the seawall in Corpus for July 1st. Fortunately it didn't really hurt...just kind of took me by surprise. I think I scared my daddy though who saw the whole thing.

-Started to feel the baby move at about 16-18-weeks.

-Had our sonogram to find out if it was a boy or girl on the 13th of July but waited to find out what it was till July 30th when we had our gender reveal party(more to come on that too)

-Closed on our first house on July 15th!(pics to come and more info about the place in another post)

-Painted way to much of it for hours on end for a whole week.

-Moved into new place.

-Resigned from my job. This was harder than I thought it would be to do...but so VERY exciting at the same time. This is the first time since becoming a Registered Nurse 6 years ago that I haven't had a job. It's weird and awesome all at the same time. I'm still getting use to it.

-Found out on July 30th that we are having a BOY! I was an awesome moment and made things feel so much more real!!

-Went camping on the frio with Tristan's family. We had a great time...even though we couldn't float the river and the water was nasty.

-Took a lot of pride in the fact that even at the end of my 2nd tri I could still school Tristan when doing sprints in the pool! :)

-Went to the dentist. If you need a dentist in Austin we HIGHLY recommend SoLa Dental. The whole staff is awesome and they run a great natural and modern practice!

-Got really convinced that Tristan and I both needed to start flossing daily(we NEVER really flossed before that). Started a much more vigorous dental care regime and have stuck with it!

-went to Vail for our babymoon...if you are lucky we might share more about this than just pictures.

-started getting heartburn.

- by the end of the 2nd tri bending over started to not be as easy as it use to. as well as moving in bed, getting out of bed and getting in and out of my car.

- still no stretch marks.

-still not wearing maternity clothes.

-was SOOO hott the whole 2nd tri.

-wore the same shorts and tank tops almost EVERY day.

-started getting really overwhelmed about becoming a mommy.( more on this in another post)

-Tristan started his job with Price Waterhouse Coopers on August 29th.

-gained about 10 lbs.

-despite the sadness, crazy changes, and my growing self...the second trimester was MUCH better than the 1st. There were a lot hard days for sure where I cried a lot, I didn't feel good, or just wasn't motivated to do much of anything. But my hope, excitement and joy really began to grow!!

AND....The Lord brought us through the 2nd trimester. He was with us every step of the way. And again, I can't say enough how thankful I am to be experiencing pregnancy and carrying our little boy. We love him so.


emily rodriguez said...

love love love!!!!!!!!! what a great summer! :)

kaye herbert said...

I can't believe you haven't worn maternity clothes yet! what do you do for pants, use the bella band?? anyway, you look so beautiful as a mama & I'm so glad to be your friend during this special time!