It's time to PUUUUUSH!!!!!!!!

So where we left off last time was the evening of the 22nd and things were starting to change.

 I remember going downstairs with Tristan to go out for a walk and seeing my family sitting on the couch watching something on a laptop. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to be with them but also how extremely tired I was. I did not want to go for a walk..AGAIN! But we did and it was good. I think this walk was starting to get pretty uncomfortable. Tristan may remember better than I what I was like.
 My contractions were getting stronger and closer together.  We never really timed them..so I don't know numbers. We were just taking them as they came and trying and praying for them to come more.

  When we got back from the walk I think Nina arrived and then Julia shortly after.  I think Nina could tell things were changing.As Tristan says often, it's not how often the contractions are coming ..it's all about the emotional sign posts.

  Amniotic fluid was still being produced and flowing here and there and was still looking good and Levi(who we really didn't know was Levi yet) had a super heart rate.

 So From about maybe 6pm to 1am or so I was mostly laboring on the toilet.... I think...just bracing myself, moving swaying, and moaning!

 At around 10ish I hit the 24hour mark since my water had broke so Julia gave me an IM antibiotic shot to prevent infection...I think is was rocephin?

 Somewhere after 10pm Julia told Tristan to turn up the hot water heater. Some how she knew I was about to go into transition and would need a hot shower for a long time.  It would have been great to be in a birthing pool I'm sure at this time but since my water had broken early that wasn't really an option..so the hot shower had to do.  I'm not sure what time I got in the shower but I feel like I was in there FOREVER.  For awhile I was standing and for a while I was on my hands and knees ...always rocking my pelvis and moaning during the contractions. I was so tired..I may have even laid down at some point...I don't remember. I just remember that at some point it was REALLY getting hard and I started singing my song that I sing when I think I can't do whatever I am doing any longer...when I'm in the thick of it...when life is hard..and my only comfort is knowing one day I will be home! The song is called Come For Me by Charlie Hall and I would sing it crying almost every day on the way to work when I worked on 4E at Spohn South in Corpus Christi.  It's often the cry of my heart when things are hard and gives me GREAT hope!!!
You can listen to it here: http://youtu.be/moNYIAF0VRk

And here is a video of me in the shower. Don't worry, you can't see anything. You just hear me moaning and  hear Tristan narrating!

I remember VERY clearly that when I got out of the shower Julia said she wanted to check me! WOAH..I was shocked...and excited but mostly just bracing myself for a let down..I mean..this was only my first exam and all...and even though my water had been broke over 24hours I still didn't want to get my hopes up. But to my surprise I was 10 centimeters dilated and could now push. I remember thinking..WOW..it's getting close..I thought for sure I only had 5 hours left max....boy was I wrong!!!

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Rose M. Lantz said...

You blog! I love to read blogs! I am going to look forward to reading more! I didn't realize that my Sophia is just 5 days older than your Levi! :0) He is so handsome!