A day in the life- 5 months

Here is a view into what a day at home sort of looks like for Levi at 5 months! Obviously on days we get out more or get out all day things look much different... but you get the idea!

-7am- Tristan and I go get Levi out of his crib and Levi nurses.

7:30am- Levi hangs out with Tristan while he gets ready for work and I go downstairs make coffee, pack Tristan's lunch, and make us smoothies.

8am- send Tristan.. aka daddy... off to work

8-8:30 - Levi and I play or he watches me do the dishes and plays in his booster seat.

8:30am- we head upstairs and read and sing and cuddle to get Levi wound down for nap time.

9am-10:30am - Levi naps

10:30-11am Levi wakes and eats

11am-12:00 we play, or go for a walk or Levi watches me do more cleaning!

12:30- we head upstairs and wind down for the next nap time!

12:30-2pm Levi naps

2-2:30- Levi wakes and eats

2:30-3:30pm- more play time or Levi watches me prepare some dinner things

3:30-4pm we wind down again for nap time

4-5 or 5:30 Levi naps

5ish Levi wakes and eats
5:30-6:30 I finish dinner, etc and we play some more

6:30pm - Tristan gets home from work and we eat while Levi sits at the table in his high chair and eats his momsicle

7pm - Levi has naked time and we watch him roll and play! Then Tristan reads to us,  and we pray.

7:30 or so I feed Levi and Levi is usually down to sleep no later than 8pm.

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