First 5 days of life outside the womb

Levi's first 5 days of life in pictures! Looking back over these is such a joy...wants to make me go wake Levi up and just snuggle with him!  I love my boy!

All bundled up for his first night

My parents decorated our home inside and out!

Levi slept on grandpa for quite a while the next morning!

Since the next day was Thanksgiving my mom and dad made us a Thanksgiving spread and my mom even folded the napkins like diapers!!!

My midwifes assistant Nina came to check up on me and Levi on Friday! I love her!

Friday night Levi got to meet Heather, Paul, and Heidi when everyone was on their way back from Thanksgiving in LaVernia. We toasted, prayed, cried tears of joy and sang songs over Levi it was a beautiful evening!  

My dad even changed Levi's diaper!  

He's just beautiful!!!

Family Nap

Sunday morning Levi met the Gross family!

Levi meets Aunt Kate and Uncle Shane!

What a doll!  He was so alert and attentive from the start!

First Bath! We took an Herb bath together made from some healing herbs that came in our birth kit! He loved his first bath and still loves to take baths!

Blissed out!

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Judy Summers said...

This was the most beautiful time! Thanks, Melissa, for this wonderful blog!