Levi Grady Summers

Levi Grady Summers(Just baby boy at the time though since he didn't have a name yet), born 11.23.11, at 2:06pm at home in Austin Texas, 39 hours after my water broke.     He arrived letting out a sweet short cry and then opened his eyes and stared right into mine and then into Tristan's shortly after. He seemed so alert and mature for a newborn and perfectly sweet. Tristan and I couldn't believe how beautiful he was..the most beautiful newborn I had ever seen. I remember being worried that I would think he was funny looking. But I had nothing to worry about, he was BEAUTIFUL!  Tristan and I were just soaking him in.

Even though it was long, hard and painful..the moment he came out the pain was gone, and I was so happy and ready to do it again. I remember thinking over and over again, "I did it". I felt so empowered and strong.  Doing an Iron-man Triathlon no longer seemed too hard for me!!

 I am so glad my mom was there to witness it all and my dad was up the stairs in no time to come see as well.  We were so full of joy we wanted to share it with the whole world. I don't remember how long it was after he was born that I started nursing him but I think maybe only 5 to 10 minutes???  He latched on great right away and acted like he had been nursing for years!  I was so thankful and relieved that it seemed so natural and came so easy.
I remember kissing him over and over. His skin felt wet and soft. I can still remember how he felt and smelt.

Shortly after, Tristan's parents and his sister Holly headed over from Dan and Em's(more on their amazing hospitality later). If I remember correctly everyone oohed and ahhed for a while, the umbilical cord stopped pumping after and hour or so, Tristan cut it and then everyone(except Tristan of course) left us alone for awhile.

At this time Julia and Nina did Levi's apgar(he was 9 at birth and 10 the second time if I remember correctly) score again... I think, weighed him and measured him.  He was 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches.
Then Julia and Nina packed up and headed out, family returned for a little bit and then Tristan, Levi and  I bedded in for the night and our family hung out downstairs.  What a day! The best day!

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