Levi- 7 Months

Levi turned 7 months yesterday(Saturday 6/23/12).  And..... so I will be able to remember for years to come...here is a little overview of our sweet little man at 7 months!

- Went for his 6 month well check a week and a half ago and he is 27.5 inches long(75th percentile), 17lbs(25th percentile), and has a head circumference of about 17.5 inches(60th percentile).

-Nurses 5 times a day and is still exclusively breastfed. Actually at this point we aren't planning on starting solids any time soon. When at Levi's appointment the Dr. asked if he had had anything other than breast milk. I sheepishly replied no thinking he would get on to me for not having started sooner. But his response surprised me! He said, "Great, don't! Wait till he is a year old."  He then proceeded to tell me all the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding for one year. I knew exclusively breastfeeding till 6 months was good and had benefits and I knew with me that my mom waited till I was 8 months to start solids but I had never heard of waiting till a year. I was so excited that my Dr. was even more pro-breastfeeding than I thought but I was also relieved because adding solids sounded like so much work(lazy I know). Levi is sitting up much better, and is acting VERY interested but the Dr. said not to worry and to just keep giving him the breast milk popsicles or something to play with when we are eating! I asked him a few questions about it, and that was it. So for now the plan is to just keep doing what we are doing!

-Sits up unsupported but is still prone to toppling over sometimes.

-Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Sometimes he plops forward but mostly he scootches backwards while doing this.

-Talks a lot when in a familiar environment or when he is not around a lot of people.

-Is very quiet when there is a lot going on around him.

-Can be very serious and pensive.

-Just recently started getting more interested in moving around and exploring. Is usually too content and too chill to care much about moving. Can spend forever in one place just looking around and inspecting everything.

-Is SOOOOOO very smiley.

-Loves to laugh and play with people but seems to prefer one on one or one on 2-3 rather than larger groups. 

- Loves to read. Can sit and read and be still for 30 minutes (he may be able to do more, we have just never read longer than that). His favorite book right now is the Berenstain Bears B Book.  He kicks his feet and gets so excited with EVERY page!  It's soooo cute!!!  

-poops once a day or every other day...but sometimes still poops twice a day. He's very irregular!! ha!

-most days still takes 3 naps. each nap is usually 1.5 hrs long but sometimes one nap will be 2.5 hrs long. does OK if he skips naps as long as we are on the go. Can stay up till 9 or 10 and be mostly pleasant if I work his naps during the day just right and there is plenty going on to keep him interested.

-usually sleeps from 8 or 8:30pm till 7am. Slept in till 8:30am yesterday and I was soooo shocked he NEVER does that!  

-Totally makes it obvious when he is tired...he gets SOOO winey! Unless he is really entertained  in which case you can only tell he is tired by his stillness and eye rubbing.

-always wakes up happy from naps and in the morning.

-Is already very opinionated and will let you know if he does not want to do something. Sometimes he really protests getting his diaper changed and gives me attitude but he is slowly starting to respond to me firmly telling him "no sir."  While proceeding to tell him in a super happy voice why it's good for him to get a diaper change.

-Has beautiful blue eyes that pierce your heart!

-Has the most perfect full kissy lips!

-Still has his pointy little elf ears. LOVE THEM!

-Has the fastest growing nails ever. I am always needing to cut them.

-loves to grab at faces.

-loves playing with his daddy like nothing else.

-lights up when daddy comes home from work.

-loves water.. whether it's a bath, the pool, the frio river, or a splash pad park! He is MY boy!!!

-loves being outside.

-loves to talk to family on G+/ G talk video.

-loves when daddy plays the piano for him or when I play the guitar for him. He really loves music and singing. Right now his favorite songs are The Rainbow Connection, The Bear Necessities, Veggie Tales Theme, and A Bushel and a Peck!

-Still spits up a lot.

-Drools A TON most of the time.

-Still hasn't watched a movie or TV, only an occasional video on YouTube. Hoping I can keep this up!

-Wears 6month 9month and even some 12 month clothes.  With his long body and poofy cloth diapers he can fit in almost anything!

-loves to play peek a boo/ hide in seek..etc. He loves it when I crawl around the room and hide and then peek out and say "boo."

-Loves to look in mirrors

-Has really fat wide feet..he's a hobbit I tell you! :)

-Likes to look at the wall where we have all our family pictures hanging.

-Likes big bouncing curly hair.

-Still enjoys being worn in the wrap.

-Is really into bending backwards and looking upside down.

-Is still sooo distracted while nursing. And sometimes it seems like he barely eats anything!

-Has many nicknames such as, Boo, biggie or biggie boy, baboozle, and Leaves.

-Loves beards..especially uncle Shane's!

-Is the most wonderful thing on God's green earth!

Happy 7 months Levi Grady...Momma and Daddy love you more each day and are so thankful for every day of life God gives you!

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kaye herbert said...

Love the updates! levi is do easy going & sweet! I love his drooly smile!