Oh my life...

It's changing every day....in every possible way!

I have had that Cranberries song in my head a lot lately because Levi seems to be changing so much every day!

It's wonderful and scary all at the same time.

Am I ready for all this? No. Lord..PLEASE make me ready!

Just in the past few days Levi has really gotten more motivated to be mobile and has made some progress at it too!  He is such a chill pill and so content I thought he would never be discontent enough to GET MOVING!!! Ha ha!  But He's getting there.  He can mostly sit on his own now...and can scoot backwards too.  Although I don't have good videos of him sitting or scooting yet.... in the ones below he's just being cute!!!

It's been such a joy to watch all the changes..he is such a blessing to our family!

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