Summer love...

I've been kind of silent lately but for good reason. We have been sick! I think I mentioned before that several weeks ago Levi got a cough, runny nose, etc.  He's pretty much over it but still has a cough here and there but since then...I have gotten sick and so has Tristan(twice)..he even had a 103.2 temp last night. Poor guy still had to go to work though today!  He's a hard worker.  We are tired of being sick and really surprised how much we have been sick..it's not normal for us ..and it's just not fun!  

But being sick isn't all we have been up to! It may not officially be summer but it sure feels like it and we are already starting to live it up! We have been hitting up the pool, traveling, and just staying busy in general! It's been a lot of fun! 

 Last weekend we went to Corpus and surprised my dad with Levi for his 60th birthday present. It was wonderful and we had a great weekend but I didn't take any pictures!!! I so badly wanted some pictures of Levi with my parents and B and JR!!  I think we were having to much fun!

Levi has been so much fun! He laughs easily, smiles a lot, and is just so interested in life! His personality(and sin nature too) seem to be coming out more and more every day. I have noticed he seems to be very serious and pensive, he also seems very content and laid back.  It's rare that he get's real crazy and is just going going going. He takes the world in by putting things in his mouth or by staring and thinking. Not so much by moving and getting places.  He tries and tries hard but as of now he STILL thinks his little super man move is going to get him somewhere and he has even started getting frustrated when it doesn't. He is not to interested in sitting up either but he LOVES to stand..with help of course. Tristan thinks he is going to skip crawling and sitting and just go straight to walking.  He has also started just today protesting when I have to take something from him. 

He knows what he wants and how to tell you what he wants!  The training and guiding has already begun...actually it began a  long time ago!  

Here are just a few pictures of life lately.

 Levi loves his daddy!

 Tristan and Levi in their matching swim trunks..thank uncle Shane!

 I love those eyes!

 "Hi Momma"

 Learning how to sit up!

 Levi's model pose!

 The John Travolta

 First time sitting in the grocery cart.

 My cheeze ball!

 He loves pool time!

 I put him in this position, he loved it!

 Look at those cheeks!

Inspecting the oatmeal box, his new favorite toy!

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Monet said...

What a cutie! Have you heard of Five-Mushroom Formula? My acupuncturist gave it me and it does WONDERS for my immune system.