Austin Shower

October 29th we had our 2nd shower hosted by several of my dearest and nearest here in Austin.  There are TONS of pictures from this party and I didn't have to take a single one! Thank you Kristy and Jana..you ladies know I love the details! These ladies know how to host one hip party..let me tell you!  I couldn't believe all the time and attention they put into so many details..it was ..like I said on facebook..."Pinterest Worthy!" 
Yet again we were blessed by another amazing baby shower. I left with tons of wonderful, practical gifts, lots of love(so many ladies came!), and a full belly. Thank you friends for blessing us SOO much!
There was a station to write wishes for the baby. What everyone wrote was so sweet. Tristan and I loved reading them and of course I cried. Our boy is already so loved.

Super cool S's everywhere...since that is the boys only initial right now...no names picked out yet and I am pretty sure if you ask us between now and the delivery we still won't have an answer!

T-shirt making station.  They had a little area to iron on super cute decals onto little boy baby shirts!!!

Awesome yarn wrapped S that Em made.  I even got to take it home and now our living room is rocking it!

Mily and Dily(also known as Dinie and Kaye)

Xylenna and the awesome carriage fruit bowl she and Tim made! So talented!

The hostesses 

Amazing food!!!

Ties...he's a Jcrew meets REI kind of baby! :)

Indiana Jones Summers(and I think I am even missing part of the name suggestion you gave)...It's ok Em...I won't steal that name from you guys! You and Dan can sleep in peace tonight! :)

(: Friends :)

 Kaye..you made a "taggy" for the boy?? I was really excited if you can't tell.

 Me and Judy(Tristan's mom).  She always says, "I'm the mom"..now she get's to say, "I'm the grandma"
And can I just take a moment to say .."bless her"... for raising such an awesome son.  If our boy gets married one day and I can give his wife as awesome of a husband as she gave me then I will be one happy momma.  Little boy...you have an amazing daddy and grandma! Oh and let's not forget how wonderful it was to have her and Grady come to Austin from San Angelo for the weekend.  They did SOOOOOO much to help us get more things ready for baby, we had a wonderful time visiting, and they even got to go to church with us on Sunday!

 A table full of chocolate for me????  Oh my!!!

 Lovely artwork from Zoe and Teya

 Awesome mobile Kate made me...this picture does not do it justice..you have to come over and see it! The girl knows me!


emily rodriguez said...

hahaha i love it! well, thanks for leaving indiana jones for us. i mean, you never know... :D

kaye herbert said...

im so glad you had a good time! i did too! :) im so looking forward to hanging out with our babies together! :)

icouldbewrong said...
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