Christmas 2010 Part 1

I have been reminiscing through photos as I upload new ones and I realized I never got to do a post on our trip to Germany to visit Paul and Heidi(Tristan's sister and brother in law) last Christmas. Tristan and I have been talking about that trip a lot  in the past few days and we just can't get over the amount of wonderful memories that we made with Paul and Heidi last year.  We had them all to ourselves for 2 weeks and let me tell you we had such a good time I don't think Tristan or I have words to express what a blessing it was to be with them and have so many adventures together.  It was SOOOO much fun!  

Now the four of us are embarking on a new adventure..parenting boys!!  Heidi is about 25 weeks pregnant with their first boy just like us. So though those 2 weeks were some of the best times Tristan and I have ever had...I am convinced the best is before all of us!!! :)

The pictures above are from our little jaunt to Prague
the 4 us made.  We LOVED Prague!! The place we stayed was awesome, Ferdenand's our favorite little place to eat  was awesome, and the beauty and history of the city was just as fantastic! Oh, and I can't forget to mention that the prices in Prague really surprised me. It was cheaper for Tristan and I to go out for a full fancy meal in Prague than it is here in Austin. This really was a shock to me because when I went to Italy and France with my family in 2005 it was CRAZY expensive to eat out. Prague seems like a great place to do Europe on the cheap..if you can just get there!

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