Babymoon: Hanging Lake

Today I am doing a little backtracking, just to make sure our memories are documented somewhere.
Tristan and I got away to Colorado the 16th-26th of August for our babymoon.  We love to travel, we love Colorado, and we have a free place to stay in Vail so we couldn't resist heading up there. I don't remember how many weeks pregnant I was at that time and I'm too lazy to try to figure it out right now...but I wasn't uncomfortable at all on the drive there and back and I was able to enjoy all my fave activities..hiking, jogging..etc! It was wonderful to get away (especially since Tristan started his job with PWC on the 29th of August) and we hope we never stop doing it. Although, I could go anywhere..or nowhere with that man and be perfectly happy. Everyday with Tristan is my perfect adventure! We didn't take many pictures..as usual...but here is what we do have...pictures from hiking Hanging Lake.

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