2nd Trimester in Pictures

Tristan and I at the bottom of hanging lake
after we had completed the beautiful hike(This picture is out of order!)

Saying goodbye to my Pom Pom at Snoopy's restaurant
before I headed back to Austin after being in Corpus
2 weeks for my Grandma Betty's funeral.

The secret gender reveal envelope.
Tristan and I were so good, neither he nor I took one peak!

I think I was 18-20 weeks in this pic?
This was at our apartment before we moved.

22 weeks

The boy at 20 weeks.
Everyone thinks his profile look just like Tristan in this picture

---- weeks??

In Vail at the Betty Ford Gardens. 26 weeks??

On top of Vail mountain. 26 weeks.

Belly Love. Tristan and I in Minturn for their free community music night.
Probably one of our favorite Vail summer activities.

The onsie Tristan HAD to buy when we were at a baby store in Vail.

Awesome matching set of clothes, shoes, blankets, etc from Gymboree that my cousins wore.

The closet starting to get filled thanks to my Aunt Katie and Uncle Sam

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