28-31 Weeks

So Saturday was 31 weeks which means I have been in the third trimester for about 2-3 weeks now. I still can't believe it. It seems to be going by so fast. The first trimester was SOOO slow. The 2nd trimester seemed like a whirlwind because we were so busy and now ...well it's speeding by but I feel like so far this is the trimester I have enjoyed the most...so far anyway.

As of today we are 2 months from said due date. TWO MONTHS!!!! Saying that we get to meet our boy in two months is just mind blowing to Tristan and I. I often hear that life seems to fly by faster once you have kids and let me tell you this boy isn't even out of the womb and boy is that true!!!

We still don't really have any of the baby necessities yet BUT we have 2 showers this month so that will be changing soon! I am so excited and thankful to be having showers and I just can't wait for them to be here!

Tristan and I got some new home projects started this weekend that hopefully will be finished on Saturday. The more we get done, the better I feel. I know we can still get stuff done after the baby is born...but it will be so much harder then and I would much rather have as much settled as possible before then. We shall see.

I have been feeling pretty good but I will say it was like someone flipped a switch when I got into the 3rd trimester. All of the sudden I started having some lower back pain when I wake up in the morning and some during the day too. I also have found that moving around in bed, getting up from places, etc have started to not be as easy as they use too. It often times feels much better to be walking around and staying active.

Speaking of being active so far I have exercised more this trimester it seems than the others. I guess I am kind of getting into a routine...which I love. Our gym membership at 24 hour fitness expired and since it's not really close anymore we decided not to renew. Unfortunately there aren't any gyms with pools close by and within the past two weeks our pool has gotten SUPER cold so I am not sure how much swimming I will be doing. I was running....no really just jogging... 2 miles at a 12 min pace but last week I changed up my routine a bit. I felt like I could get a more rigerous workout for now and be more comfortable if I did intervals instead of trying to run 2 miles without stopping. And it seems to be much better. I speed walk for the short part of the condo block(I stay inside the complex so I can stop and pee as needed) and then run as hard as I can for the long part of the block, then switch back to speed walking, then back to the run. I get my heart rate up much better this way and I actually cover more mileage because my walk is about as fast as my jog was anyway. And...it's much more comfortable to not be running the whole time. I do it for 30 mins and by that point I can tell it's time to be done. I am hoping to do this about 2-3 times a week and just walk the other days.

I have started to have the need to pee more which I feel I haven't had too bad the whole pregnancy.

I also started noticing that I get Braxton Hicks a lot more. I had them in the 2nd tri but didn't realize them until my midwife pointed it out to me while she was measuring my belly a month ago. I still don't notice them unless I am touching my belly or looking at it.

The stretch marks have still stayed away thank goodness. Not sure if it's my religious body oiling or that I'm just not prone to them. Whatever the case I am thankful.

Oh, I can NAP! I have never been a napper but not so anymore. I don't nap every day but some days when I really need it I can nap 2 hours. And they are the good "drool all over yourself" type of naps. I really love them.

The heartburn and indigestion is still there. I don't have it all the time but sometimes it's horrible and it makes me feel bad and burp like crazy all day. I alternate between taking AC vinegar, drinking baking soda, papaya extract, and Tums..but sometimes nothing works. Even doing all the "right" things to prevent heartburn doesn't help. I have never had heartburn before so it quite the new thing for me.

At my 30 week appointment I had gained 22lbs total..hoping to only gain 3 more but seriously doubt that is going to happen.

I haven't noticed myself being crazy hungry or having any weird cravings at all....I actually don't have much of an appetite sometimes because of the heartburn.

Tonight we have our 4th birthing class. They are one of my most favorite part of our week. We are doing the Bradley Method for natural childbirth and so far we really love it. I'll have to do a whole post on it and share what we have learned so far.

Oh I can't forget to mention that this little boy is VERY strong and moves all the time. Although I feel like I can tell when he is asleep and when he is awake. So far he settles down shortly after I do at night so I am hoping that continues!!! I can also tell when he gets the hiccups...it's sooo cute!! And we still don't have a name.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. I am kind of caught up now! WooHoo!

Tristan completed a sprint triathalon...go daddy!!!

Guess my shirt from the harbor half last year is too small!

I got to go home to Corpus for a few days last weekend for Avery's bridal shower. It was soo good to get to spend some time with Katie and Hadley getting ready for the party, to see Avery, and to catch up with people. I stayed with my parents at my Pom Pom and Grandma's house which is where my parents have been living since my grandma passed away. It was good to see my Pom Pom and I even got to visit with my Aunt Evelyn.

My Pom Pom has a hard time remembering things and staying in line without my grandma so my mom has done TONS of awesome things EVERY day to help him out. Her and my dad are so wonderful for completely changing their lives to take care of him and they are doing an amazing job! I know it's hard for them but they do it gracefully and joyfully. Below are a few pics I snapped of all the sweet things my mom does for my Pom Pom since she can't be at home with him all day.

Breakfast, meds, and a sweet note.

The paper and more meds placed in my grandma's chair for him.

He could nap all day if you let him, so it's good to remind him to eat first!
Lunch and note prepared every day and left in the fridge.

Little reminders EVERYWHERE!! :)

My mom's great notes for my Pom Pom so he applies his MANY eye drops correctly.

Books that Tristan's friend Jarrett from grad school
bought off our registry and has sent to us!

Trying to figure out how to display Tristan's hotwheels collection!

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