32 Weeks

Saturday was 32 weeks which means counting down the weeks is in the single digits!  This is fun yet crazy unbelivable.  In birthing class Monday and in the apointment with my midwife I heard again that the average gestation period is 41 weeks and 1 day so I decided to start telling everyone my due date is the 10th or 11th of December. I know first time moms are generally over due anyway and I have been saying "December 3rd, give or take a few weeks"  when people ask when I am due but I kind of feel like saying "I think around December 10th" from now on since it's more likely to be around then anyway. Whatever the case at this point I don't feel attached to any time period or date....I know he will come when he is ready!!!

Below is 32 weeks by the numbers(an idea I got from one of my fave blogs right now, http://babynhm.blogspot.com/)

1. Weeks Pregnant: 32

2. Days Pregnant: 228

3. Blood Pressure:106/58

4. Baby's Heart Rate: 152bpm

6. Weeks left till "due" date: 8

7. Days till due date : 52

8. Items packed in hospital bag : 0-no need to pack a bag if we are staying home!

9. Hours I predict to be in labor: 8-30 hours...I'm trying to be realistic!

10. Time I went to bed last night: 12am (I am in Corpus, so I am living it up with the fam!)

11. Hours of sleep I need to function: 7-8, but sometimes I take an 11am nap..although I haven't done that in a week!

12. Time of day I am most exausted: 7am and 11am

13. Must finish items on our to do list : 1293745747283726372!!!!!!

14. Most miles run at once the past week: 2

15. Times I got a morning workout in the past 7 days: 0(does running up and down the stairs cleaning the house count????)

16. Amount of keegles I am suppose to be doing every day: 200-300!!!

17. Number of Maternity Clothes I have outgrown : 0 (although I have outgrown almost all of my regular clothes by now except for a few tank tops, some large size T's I bought early on, and 3 pairs of pants I can still wear with the Bella band)

18. Stretch Marks: 0!!!!

19. Times I think about the little guy: countless!!!

20. Showers I take each day:  um...I think I was made to live in Europe folks...that's all I'm saying! If I haven't worked out or don't feel like I need one..it usually doesn't happen.  I'm very "green" with my showeing habits that's all!!! :)

21. Items of clothing I have bought to wear post baby : 0 (I don't really plan on buying anything until I get back to my pre-preggo weight..then I might give myself a little treat shopping spree! Although, I do plan on buying some steller nursing bras 2 weeks after the baby is born once my milk has come in.

22. Squats I do a day: 129057348347...... Any time I do something where I would typically bend over I have been squatting...I love it!  It's so much more comfortble and hopefully it is a habit that will stick post delivery since it's so much better for your back and thighs. I also maintain a sqautting position for several minuites before I go to bed and when I wake up. It's a great exercise to prepare for labor and help the baby to not be breech. 

23. Number of Bradley Classes attened: 4, with 6 more to go! I LOVE our Monday night classes

24. Average number of times I get up to pee at night: 0-2.  I know...I know..I'm lucky...remember folks...I'm a nurse and I have super bladder skills! I also pee like 3-4 times before bed and several times right when I wake up!

25. Number of races I have registered for post baby: 0..so far..but I plan to register for  this :http://zoomarun.com/texas/ and maybe even this: http://republicoftexastri.com/athletes_course.asp

26. Days till our first baby shower: 3!!!!! I am SOOOO excited!!

27.  Baby Classes Down: 2(a cloth diapering class and a la leche league meeting)

28. To go: 0..although I will probably keep attending the begening of the month la leche league meetings.

29.  Midwife appointments left before D-day: 6 I think

30.  Maternity leave length: I'm a stay at home mom now folks so ....indefinate for a while!!! Although I would like to do a little soemthing on the side to make a little extra money!

31. Times a day the little boy gets hiccups: 2-3...and it's adorable! He is such a cutie already guys...really!  Espically when he plays games with me. I poke and move my hand around in different places on my belly and he "pokes" back...ohhhhhh....I love it so..he is SOOOO cute!!!!

32. Times I have been sick with a cold while pregnant: 0.  SO thankful for that!!!

33.(since I am almost to the start of my 33rd week): Pounds gained so far: 22


kaye herbert said...

LOVE you!! :) cant wait to love on your boy too!!

Tristan Summers said...

You are simply amazing woman. Take care of that boy for me! Can't wait to see you.