Diaper Bags

So for some reason, finding just the right diaper bag has been a big deal to me. I guess I keep thinking about how I won't be carrying a purse with me anymore(unless the boy is not with me). My wallet, keys, phone, nalgene, and lip balm will just be thrown in whatever I choose for a diaper bag and for the next few years until the bag wears out I will be using it everyday. That in mind, I want to REALLY like the bag. And well...I just love bags...they might actually be my favorite accessory.... so having an excuse to buy a new one is just swell.

I started looking on-line at the stores I had registered at and didn't really find anything I liked...which didn't surprise me..I can be super particular so off to my other favorite places on-line I went: Etsy, Jcrew, Madewell, and Pinterest.

Etsy was too overwhelming. TONS of pages to look through and lots of stuff to wade through that wasn't my style. Jcrew and Madewell had a few options but the best results came from pinterest. It really has become my favorite place to search for anything I am looking for. Pinterest yielded the highest amount of bags that were interesting to me without spending hours wading through Etsy. I just clicked on the bags I liked and it took me directly to the shops with all the good stuff on Etsy. So much easier.

Now I have lots of options to choose from....which I love. I really like to know what all is out there before making a decision. But now I also have the problem of having to make a decision. This is something I don't like to do. I'm really not good at decisions. So I figured I would get some opinions and help from my blog friends.

Check out all the bags below and vote for your fave or top faves in the comments. OR, introduce me to a new option!!










And the links to the Jcrew and Madewell selections:





emily rodriguez said...

it's so hard to choose one!

but ths one is my vote :)

the etsy big grey one:

Karen Carter said...

i vote for the chocolate, hemp & olive, or gray

just know that the bag won't last forever...probably only about a year or so

that being said, maybe you should buy 2!

Avery said...

I automatically liked the first one...very cute. The gray one is also really cute and looks like it could function well as a diaper bag! I like the stripy ones but I'm thinking they will show dirt and other spills much more.

Rebecca said...

Whatever's vegan! This one would go with lots of stuff: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62751878/water-resistant-nylon-bag-in-chocolate but this is cute, too! http://www.etsy.com/listing/60075889/the-market-bag-in-provincial-blue-w-an

Carrie said...

I like the first one as well. My second favorite being the gray water resistant one.

Have fun picking!