Get your walk on!

At around 4am or so my parents made it to our house so it was nice to wake up with them being in our house ready for action! So the sun rose and by 8am(maybe earlier)  I could not lay down any longer and it was time to call Nina, Julia's assistant and tell her my water had broke.  I gave her the scoop and she told me to get walking to try to help the contractions to come on stronger and more consistent since I wasn't having ANY by this time.
 So the 4 of us went out for a walk around our condo complex! I had a few contractions while walking but looking back... I couldn't even really call them contractions compared to what I experienced later. But over all I do feel the walking helped bring on the contractions which was what we were going for!

I feel like in most cases  labor comes on strong on it's own and women don't have to "work" to make contractions come..they just come. And usually they walk to distract themselves and work through the contractions..so already by this point in "labor"... if you could even call it that yet...things were not going as I had expected.  I was thinking I would be trying to "ignore" the contractions and try to relax through them...you know..use all the techniques we learned in birth class to help with pain!

I remember being on the walks and thinking.."wow, this is easy"...little did I know..little did I know!

But, I have to say  that even though I was tired from not sleeping the night before the walking with my parents and Tristan was really exciting. The anticipation was so high and I just LOVED that!

Here are a few videos of our walks:

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Mary said...

I can't believe LEVI was IN there! Crazy!

This is so much fun! Can't wait for more:)