Levi- 6 months


-Babbles. Thhh, da, ta, ma, ba. I think  he will be saying da da soon when he sees Tristan because when I say "where's daddy?" He smiles, looks around the room, finds Tristan and then smiles real big.  He know the word daddy goes with Tristan..it's so cute! And since he says "da" I think soon he may connect the dots and say it to Tristan.
 And, I feel like he "talks" all day long He never seems to babble when I want him to though...like when we talk to my parents in the morning on Google Talk!

-Is full of smiles, laughs and giggles.

-Is very flexible..praise the Lord!

-Grabs at EVERYthing. Faces, plates of food,toys..etc.  And of course he wants to bring all of it to his mouth!

-Has been in a swing and loved it.

-Loves to be outside. Loves to watch trees and feel the wind.

-Rolls all over and right now uses that to get where he wants. Last month he was scooting more but once he learned how to "fly" he decided that was more fun.  He thinks that if he "fly's" and makes noises like he is working really hard he will get somewhere.

-Still LOVES to be naked.

-Loves his time with daddy in the morning and talks to him the whole time.

-Is SUPER snugly with his daddy! He is a daddy's boy!!!

-Still can't sit up unsupported.

-Still has no teeth.

-Still wears cloth diapers.

-Is still exclusively breast fed.

-Has his first "cold." Last week he started coughing a little and then one night he coughed so much(and was sleeping through it) and wouldn't stop we were ready to take him somewhere because it scared us so much.  But, after holding him upright and doing some hand thrusts on his back it got better. He has had the cough since and has had a runny nose, sneezing and red,watery, itchy eyes...so I am thinking it's something allergy related. He seems like he should be miserable but is handling it all really well.

-drools and gnaws on things all the time! Rubs his gums with his thumb too.

-Still spits up quite a bit.

-Has super waxy ears! GROSS.

-Has super sharp FAST growing nails.  I can not keep up with them.

-Is perfectly chubby.

-Has the sweetest eyes and brightest smile.

-Loves life.

-Loves people.

-Loves to read.

-Eats and sleeps like a champ.

- Has not been fighting me about going down for his naps this week. Maybe he is learning????

-Loves his Sophie Giraffe.

-Loves his blue blanket from Katie and Avery.

-Watches us like a hawk when we eat and smacks while watching!

-Is NOT happy when he is overtired and fusses and cries to let us know he needs sleep!!!

-Gets so happy when I sign "milk" to him.  

- Poops 1-2 times a day most days.

-Has nasty smelly gooey poops due to teething (I guess)..grossest poops ever..and I'm a nurse and have changed adults!

-LOVES his feet and toes and loves to chew on them.

-Loves bath time more every day and is more playful each bath!

-Does NOT like to be hot.

-Does NOT like to put on clothes.

-Does NOT like his nose wiped or suctioned.

-Still has his pointy elf ears!

-has HUGE cheeks!

-Is the love of our lives! And makes us want more kids all the time!

Happy 6 months old Levi, we love you so. I can not believe you are 6 months old already.....where has the time gone! You are such a joy and we are honored and blessed to be YOUR parents. This has been the best 6 months of our lives! We celebrate and praise the Lord today for his goodness, loving kindness, and mercy! Each day is a gift and treasure from Him!


Mary said...

Love him!!

And I just learned that ear wax is a natural bug repellent so yay for lots of ear wax! Ha!

kaye herbert said...

Love the updates! Each baby is b so different, it's cute to know their quirks & personalities. I love you levi! Ps elijah has crazy ear wax too, he gets it from his daddy!