Our Essential Baby Items List: Products we love part 2

My friend Kaye had some great things to add to the list I posted yesterday so I thought I would post her additions here for you.  There are some things she mentioned that I don't have that I would really like to get and some other things I am sure I will need to get eventually ...mostly related to solid foods!
Thanks Kaye!

From Kaye:

"-organic waterproof pads to put under crib/pack n play sheets to protect mattresses! we've had lots of leaks, spit ups, etc that go right through the fitted, but those pads soak it up! :)

-if you cosleep,which we did in the beginning, i highly recommend a good quality waterproof matress cover for your own bed too! i would also put those pads i mentioned under elijah so that i didnt have to always change the whole beds sheets when he leaked, spit up, or my milk leaked everywhere! haha

-one of the best inventions ever is the baby bjorn bib. it is the one and only bib i use and its amazing. there are cheaper knock offs and they are not the same. go for the real deal!

-i like your feeding mat but was wondering if it's machine washable? i got a mat that wasnt, but did wipe easily. however, when they start to really get into food, it is a pain in the butt and much easier to throw in the wash (especially when dried mashed bananas are encrusted on and blueberry smoothie is sprayed everywhere! ha) ive really just started using tan towels underneath his chair (which matches our carpet, so not noticeable) and i change them every couple of days, depending on how bad it is. until i find something better, this is what i'll do! 

-id also add that once they start eating foods (anywhere from 5mo+) its pretty important to have a bunch of spoons and forks that are easy for baby to hold, once they are ready. i bought these fancy stainless steel ones, but they are honestly too slim for his hands and he definitely prefers the bpa free plastic ones you find at target and such. 

-unbreakable, reheatable bowls are nice, especially if your flooring is hard tile. we use silicone ones by kinderville and they work great, but im sure there are other options. 

-i recommend getting a variety of bpa free sippy cups to see what your babe likes cause all kids are seriously so different when it comes to this preference. and i find different cups work better for different beverages. since elijah turned 1ish, he loved to drink everything out of a camel bak. the flow is much faster and there's no tricky suction. before that, his favorites were a soft tipped sippy cup. we tried the soft straw sippys and he personally didnt like those, but i know other kids that love them and i know lots of pediatricians recommend the straw. 

-i highly recommend the 'munchie mug' a snack cup for on the go or around the house. we use it everyday and no spills or hurt fingers when he pulls food out.

-i think the best toys that have lasted and are still going strong through his different stages are books, wooden blocks (abc ones are great, or various shapes and sizes), musical instruments (especially small hand drum or shakers), balls, & play food--(felt and wooden ones are great for babies to play with, then they play pretend with them as they get older). 

-bpa free soft baby toothbrush (elijah loved his banana brush) and fluoride free toothpowder or paste.

-swim shirt with short or long sleeves plus a good waterproof sun hat. we loved 'iplay' brand solid color one, it covers ears and neck.

-homeopathic kids kit by hylands, teething tabs, and gas medicine like gripe water or mylicon."

After reading Kaye's list I realized I didn't post anything about cribs, and I left out a few nursing momma must have's!  

So the first few months Levi slept in bed with us in this:
You can find it here.

I loved it! We have a king bed so there was plenty of room for it. It made night nursing so easy to have Levi right there next to me, while easing my mind about me rolling over on him when he was so little.  But let's be honest...I never slept that hard and he many times ended up sleeping in my arms because I just LOVED it!  I will say now though that I think I will feel a lot more confidant with the next one and hope to just use something like this(but hopefully find something TONS cheaper):

I just think that thing is the coolest!!!!!  And if anyone wants to drop a ton of cash on something for us THIS would be it!  :)  You can find the expensive thing here.

I have heard of people putting pool noodles under their sheet on the mom's side of the bed too.  We have yet to try it but would really like to. Has anyone tried that???   Levi sleeps in a crib in the other room but there are many a night when Tristan and I just  want him to sleep in bed with us and would love to have something safe on the side of the bed so he won't roll off. 

Oh and here is the crib that Levi now sleeps in. We don't have much space in our house so a mini crib is just right for us and this one is pretty cute. Iv'e been really happy with it.  It's expensive but we had gift cards and coupons so we barley paid anything for it out of pocket.  It was such a blessing!!!

And now on to the nursing momma stuff!  

1. 6-8 Nursing sleep bras. I have 4 and wish I had a lot more because I feel like I am always doing laundry just to keep them clean. I get them soaked EVERY night!  I got these. They come in a 2 pack and are super cheap!!! A sleep bra, nursing pads and pj pants or shorts are pretty much my go to every night to sleep in.

2. 2-4 Daytime Nursing  Bras. I actually only have 1(gross I know), but would love more..at least 2 more! There are so many kinds out there and I don't really have a reccomendation!  

3. Nursing Tanks.  I have a white one, a grey one and a black one.  I wish I had more though because they really make nursing in public so easy to me! They are expensive though so I am always washing the 3 I have. I got mine from Target.  They have a good selection in stores and on-line and seem to have the best price I have found and I have been pleased with the quality too.  
4. LOTS of washable Nursing Pads.  Maybe 7 pairs at the least?? I got through them FAST.  I love these.

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