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Written on Tuesday May 15th

I'm sitting on the couch at my pom pom and grandma's watching my boy and my pom pom snooze, wishing my grandma was still here to keep me company right now. We would talk about Levi, we would talk about Jared and Tyler, we'd talk about Tristan, about Katie and Avery.... she'd ask and talk about everyone. She loved people and really cared. She loved me.
Next month it will be a year since she passed away. Right now I feel the hardest part is that it's becoming normal that she is not around and I just don't like that.

My dear friend Stacy knows what it means to love and loose a grandmother near to you too. When I was thinking about our spare room that would be Levi's room and our guest room I knew I wanted something for Levi that was in memory of my grandma.  Something I could point too and tell him all about her.

I couldn't get the nickname she had for him out of my head: Avocado.  She never met my boy, she never even knew he was going to be a boy but I had mentioned to her one time that he was the size of an avocado and it just stuck. Not to mention I love avocado's and she LOVED Mexican food.

I decided I wanted some sort of Avocado pillow or print or something in the room.  I looked on-line, I looked on Pinterest, I racked my brain for creative ideas. Nothing. Eventually I thought of Stacy.  This woman is so dear to my heart.  She is a forever friend, the kind you (unfortunately) rarely talk to but it doesn't matter. You will always love them. And she happens to be a vibrant person with fantastic creativity and artistic ability. And I said before she knows a grandma's love.  So I told her about my grandma and asked if she would do a painting of an Avocado for the baby room. She quickly said yes.

She texted me a picture of the painting when she was done. I was in love.  It was perfect and reminded me so much of my grandma.  Then we made plans for her to drop it off on her way down to Lytle for Thanksgiving on November 22nd.  Little did I know that I would be in labor at that time!  When she dropped by I was in the VERY early stages of my labor and Tristan and I were working hard to get the contractions to come on so unfortunately when she arrived we didn't even get to visit. 

The painting is lovely, and it reminds me of my grandma's favorite outfit,the one she was buried in. It also reminds me of my grandma's kitchen, my favorite spot in her whole house.   And just as I hoped the painting reminds me to share  sweet memories of her with my son.

Thank you Stacy, it's such a precious gift!

Here it is:

And here is my boy and pom pom sleeping(Levi was playing on the blanket, decided he was tired, laid his head down and went to sleep, it was so sweet):

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emily rodriguez said...

i love it! sooooo excited to see it and hear more about the story! :D