Life is good!!!

The last few weeks have been so GREAT!  Levi is growing like a weed and changing so much every day.  I love this age and often doubt that he could get any cuter than he is right now!
 He laughs all the time now, loves people, smiles at everyone, and seems to just be soaking up life and loving every minute! I never knew how wonderful it would be to watch your child learn and explore. Levi's newest thing is intentionally scooting towards things that he wants. He works so hard...and even huffs and puffs and lays his head down and takes little breathers ...it's adorable.  He has pretty much stolen our hearts.

He is still SOOO distracted when I try to feed him.  So much so that I have to lay side lying in bed for EVERY feeding if I want it to not last an eternity.

 He has also been grabbing at faces and loves it when he grabs my nose and I say "Oh no, Levi has my nose!"  Makes him laugh EVERY time!  He reaches out and tries to grab everything he wants.

Nights have been going so great still. He wakes up at about 5:30am sometimes and talks and coos and then goes back to sleep till about 7am and talks and coos some more....I LOVE it!  

If I tried to pick my favorite thing he does right now...I don't know if I could...there are too many!  

We have been on the go constantly, every day seems so full.

 Grandad and Grandma came to Austin to visit last Wednesday.  It was so wonderful to see them...it had been waaayyyy to  long!  I loved watching them enjoy Levi! 
 Thursday we had dinner with Justin and Sandra and as usual it was fantastic.  Levi had a really hard time going down there.  It was very unusually hard.  Not sure what was going on! 
 Heidi and Elijah flew in late Thursday and we all went to San Angelo the next day for the weekend.  Then this weekend we are going to LaVernia and then to Corpus( I REALLLLLYYYY miss my family!!!).  Levi is  a pretty great traveler and adjusts really well and I am sooo thankful for that!  

I just can't thank the Lord for how rich this new season of life has been. For the most part, the 10 years I was in nursing school and a practicing RN I was so stressed and depressed. I have felt so free since quitting my job. I love my days as a wife and momma.  It's hard work and can be stressful and draining... but it's good stress. And oh so refining! I just can't believe that I'm finally doing my dream job. It's better and harder than I ever thought it would be!

Thank you Lord. You are good. Sweet. Kind. It's all yours and I give it right back to you with praise and thanksgiving!

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