Austin High

WARNING: this post is long and doesn't have any desirable media....just words. Hang in there, only a few more posts and I will be caught up and it won't be so bad!

The past year I worked at Austin High School. It's a school of about 2300+ students on Lady Bird Lake. It is an amazing school with unique first class programs, exceptional staff and teachers, and a diverse student population. I had a very stressful first year there(especially the first semester), but most of it was stress I put on myself. I kept thinking about how big the school was, how anything could happen, and that when something went wrong medically for someone I was the one everyone looked too. The Lord sustained me through every situation...of course....but most of the year I couldn't shake my fears. Austin ISD Health Staff is technically hired out to AISD from Seton Hospitals, which means we have to run our health rooms like hospitals. Which ends up including LOTS more paperwork and other extra stuff. This also made me nervous as I often wondered what management was thinking of the work I was doing since they can and do audit EVERYTHING!! So all that was more stress I piled on myself. I learned a lot about myself this year and a lot about how I just don't really know how to trust the Lord well. As I am sure you can tell from my writings before, I often live in fear. And, it's an awful place to live.
BUTTTT....don't stop reading now. I am about to get to the amazing parts about my year at Austin High.
What made my year were the students who I affectionately call my "kids." I love so many of them and wish they could all come home with me. I learned I LOVE working with high school students in public school and being the nurse put me in the perfect position to be there for students in need. I got to be a friend, parent, and confidant everyday to all kinds of kids from every walk of life and it changed me and blessed me more than I could ever express in words. They each helped me make it through this year(YES, that means YOU Pinky!!!), but they didn't just help me make it, they made it a rich year. If I could just sit in that office and just "be there" for the students without all the paperwork, legal stuff, and medical responsibility...I think I might do it forever. I remember how nervous I was about working with high school students, I was afraid they would eat me alive and think I was totally not cool. But, I quickly learned that if you listen well, take interest in them, and just show them true love, boundaries, and consistency, that's all it takes. They are yearning and dying for those things. And those are things, I could do. Now if only raising my own teenagers could be that easy some day!! HA! :)
Because of my experiences with the student's at Austin High I have talked to Tristan about how as we are raising our own family I desperately want to be family for students who don't know real "family". I am not sure how we will do that or what it will look like but it's on my heart. I have often wondered why God has blessed me(and Tristan) SOOOO much and given me an amazing childhood and so much wonderful family. I knew God had a purpose for it, I just wasn't quite sure what it was for, but I feel like it's becoming more clear. It reminds me of the Enter the Worship circle song(and it's also a scripture) that talks about how God places the lonely in families(The song is called It's My Joy, if you want to look it up). It's a lovely song. One of my favorites. I am also reminded of Luke 12:48, to whom much is given, much will be required(Melissa's paraphrase). So, based on my life I would say it's not an overstatement to say...MUCH is required. And Tristan and I are ready to learn more about what that means for our family. What is it you desire from us Lord? We are ready(well at least we think we are!), just show us the way!


emily rodriguez said...

ahhh i love this! i love that i've been able to hear and see bits and pieces of this each week. God's love is abundant and beautiful!those kids love you so much!!! you will probably never know all the things God was doing with your time at austin high...ahh! so cool!! :) also, you are going to be an AMAZING momma. i'm so excited to see what's next!

kaye herbert said...

you and tristan are both so loving, and i know the Lord will continue to use y'all in the way of hospitality and generosity. love you!