Restroom Freakout( with never before seen pics of "the moment")

As I sat in the restroom looking at the stick I had a million thoughts running through my head. Possibly the most thoughts I have ever had in there at once! :) "Is this what this moment feels like?" Honestly it was kind of underwhelming because it just didn't seem real and I couldn't believe it. I still don't some times. It felt like an eternity that I was in there by myself with my thoughts, but knowing me it was only a few seconds.

I had always thought I would tell Tristan in a really cute special surprising way that I was pregnant. But, as I said before God's ways are not ours and the way this moment was going there was no way I could not tell Tristan RIGHT NOW!!!! And now that I think about it....a fun and creative surprise reveal would have been cute and fun to blog about but it's just not me...and it's not Tristan either. So I ensued to tell Tristan in just the way I should have known I would always tell him. Like a lunatic!

I calmly(since Heather was there) called out the bedroom door, "Hey Tris, can you come here for a sec?" Tristan came to the bathroom and I was jumping up and down waving the stick in his face going crazy! He gave me his crazy eye look, grabbed the stick and then grabbed the box. Then he looked at me again and we jumped up and down, did some freak out dances, and whisper screamed. I remember looking back at each other several times with crazy faces, saying things like "Oh my Gosh", "your pregnant", "no way"! We were both freaking out and in shock.

It's amazing how scary and beautiful that moment can be all at the same time. I cry at a lot of things but in this moment I didn't. Kind of like when we got married. You would think that I would cry...nope....weird. I think I was just so in shock. We just couldn't believe it was happening. And so soon. We were...and still are..... amazed!

Naturally, a Enter the Worship Song comes to my head when I think of how blessed we are and how good our Father is:

The song is called God is Good. You can listen to it here:

Or just read the lyrics:

God Is Good lyrics by Enter The Worship Circle
You give good gifts to me

I pray that I receive them well

So pass the cup of suffering

And let the oil of joy be poured I'll say

God is good, God is good

God is good, God is good

We love your purpose, Father

We want the glory to be Yours

So pass the cup of suffering

And let the oil of joy be poured

we'll say

God is good, God is good

God is good, God is good

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Stacy Bailey said...

Precious!!! I can totally see this happening! Especially the whisper screams. :) I'm so excited for you two! Much love to your new family! xoxoxo