The oranges (beware of nasty pictures of my ovaries below)

When we first moved to Austin(we were both officially living her by August 2010) I figured it was a good idea to find an OBGYN and go in for my yearly routine exam. As I started to make friends with other Seton/AISD school nurses and asked around and the two people I asked both highly reccomended Dr. Reue. He was on my insurance plan with Seton, his office was just down the street, and I heard he was one of the best OBGYN's in Austin, so I set up an appointment to see him in mid November.

I instantly felt comfortable with Dr. Reue and could tell he was a great Doctor. While he was doing my exam, I could tell that he all the sudden noticed something. He calmly told me he felt something on my ovaries and wanted to bring in a sonogram machine. I was a little alarmed, but I know cysts are very common on the ovaries so I wasn't too concerned, mostly just curious. He examined the ovaries and told me I had some large tumors on my ovaries and that I needed to set up an appointment to see the sono tech, and get a more detailed sono of my ovaries. He said he was unsure what type of tumor it was but that it was possible the growths were from endometriosis or they were possibly dermoid tumors. And he said most likely I would need surgery. He might have told me more at this appointment, but I don't remember. I set up an appointment for the beginning of the next week to come back and get a more detailed sonogram.

I don't remember being too upset or disturbed even though I knew this could probably have big effects on our future of starting a family. I just remember feeling at peace, not being worried, and knowing that whatever happened the Lord was going to take care of us. I consider my reaction a miracle, and totally a gift of God's Spirit. I remember even thinking it was unusual that I (the girl that's wanted to be a mom since my own birth) was so at peace. I just wasn't afraid. Maybe it was because I was mothering 30-60 kids a day in my office? Or maybe I was just in shock? Or maybe my God is just that big and that good? :)

I went in the next week had my sono and was setting up an appointment for laproscopic surgery in two weeks by the end of the appointment. He said the tumors were the size of large oranges and he thought they were most likely benign dermoids (just google it!), but that he didn't think there was any endometriosis (which was a HUGE relief!). He also was very clear that he wouldn't know for sure until he went in there and looked. His main concern was that the tumors where so large and heavy that they were causing the fallopian tubes to twist and that the circulation could be cut off from the ovaries. He seemed pretty confidant that the surgery would go well and that the ovaries could be saved. But, he never said anything about having children.

I went in for outpatient surgery on December 1st(a Wednesday) and was back at work by Monday. The whole experience was a breeze and I was so pleased. It was my first experience as a patient in a hospital. Everyone treated me great, and the anesthesiologist put in my IV so I didn't feel a thing. My mom came up to be with us which made recovery a blast. We just watched Jane Austen esque movies on netflix and I slept. I barley had any pain and was just tired and a bit uncomfortable and sore. Below is a picture of my ovaries. They are the ginormous white balls. You can also see how twisted the fallopian tubes were.

Dr. Reue was pleased with how the surgery went and he said there was plenty of healthy ovarian tissue left! Tristan and I felt like this man was an angel....and he was for sure our new hero!!! We were so blessed that my insurance covered everything, but even if it hadn't we would have paid the man anything! It's easy to get frustrated with how expensive Dr's can be but Tristan and I we were both clearly reminded what a blessing it is that God has given us such talented men and women who do such amazing things!!!

God's timing in this was incredible because if I would have waited any longer to go see the OBGYN I could have lost my ovaries completely. It's just amazing.

I went in 2 weeks after the surgery so Dr. Reue could check on me and at that time he set up an appointment for us to come see him on February 17th to get a sono of the ovaries to see how they were healing! It was December 14th and I thought February couldn't come fast enough.

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emily rodriguez said...

God is so good and faithful to provide comfort!! so glad you are okay and baby s is on the way! WOO!!! :) love you!