The past year, in a nutshell.

Since my last post we moved to Austin, Tristan started grad school at UT, I got a job working as a nurse at Austin High, we found an amazing corporate church family and small group, Tristan got a job with Price Waterhouse Coopers, I had 2 grapefruit size tumors on my ovaries removed, we traveled to Germany(and had many other adventures on the road together and with dear friends and family), Tristan worked for the Texas Legislature, and I got pregnant. It's been a whirlwind year. It's been amazing but also really hard. Adjusting to a new city, new jobs, making new friends, and so much more...all wonderful changes but none that come without trial, error, failure, and God's refining hand. We are thankful. We are different. We are weathered. We are tired. We are joyful. We are HIS!


kaye herbert said...

whoo hoooo!! :) what a year! God is amazing and so gracious to His children. im so glad to have you both in my life!

Carrie said...

Amen to THAT! And congratulations again (in bloggy land.)